Saturday, 17 May 2014


For my final dissertation project of my entire university career (what?!) I decided to explore the travelling process, analysing the waiting time between post booking and pre-departure. 

WHITESPACE is an exclusive, luxury travel service filling a gap in the market for authentic-seeking, curious travellers who desire to be submerged within the creativity of a foreign culture. The tangible focus will inspire and challenge the current monotonous travel offerings, providing a point of difference for individuals who want to set themselves aside of the tourist route.

Focusing on 6 packages that address certain needs as an individual as well as a traveller, the service will provide locally sources products that are personal to the travellers individual needs and desires. 

WHITESPACE invites you to join the exclusive community and fulfil your needs as a traveller and creative searcher.  

Below are some images of a prototype of the product I have produced for the brand and please take a look at the Creative Report on my portfolio.
That's it. It's time for the real world!

Monday, 28 April 2014


As much as it hurts me to say this, these images are not my own and I have not yet had the chance to visit the music-worshipers and sun-seekers paradise, that is Coachella. 
Next year though, it's happening. 

The amount of envious pictures that have been crawling all over my social pages have been mainly style based, so these little snaps were welcomingly refreshing. It's the work of artist Phillip K Smith, featuring large mirrored and LED structures, fully exposing the hypnotic rhythm of the Coachella vibe.  
The reflective structures, like the rest of the chaotic crowd, truly come alive at night, creating dynamic visuals against the Colorado desert backdrop. See you next year Cali.

Check out the project in more detail here 

Friday, 25 April 2014


Only in the Södermalm area of the stylish Swedish capital will you find a supermarket that you won’t want to leave. The Swedes know how to make you salivate even before you’re tempted to try the variety of tasters that ease into view. Organic grocery shopping at it’s finest and hippest: enter The Urban Deli. The relaxed vibe of the carefree crowd that spill onto the streets is only a teasing dip into the feel-good atmosphere of the concrete and steel hangout, where a bar, café and food hall become one.

The wait for a table wont seem long enough to allow your eyes to feast across the fresh sourdough bread that sit in the windows, luring in the latest flock of SoFo coolness. After a copious amount of people watching, the laid- back Scandi blonde calls your name off the rolled list, seating you under the hanging exposed bulbs. That is unless you haven’t already grabbed a seat at the bar and started up a conversation over a selection of deli plates.
There’s art on every wall and seemingly, every man: its as if tattoo is an entry requirement. And with rolled up trousers exposing pastel socks under every table, this spot is a true hipster haven. Order some chicken wings and homemade chutney, with a parmesan salad and help yourself to the salt-crusted hand cut chips. A fresh ginger and carrot juice on the side is recommended, just so you really fit the scene. 
Once you’ve exhausted your appetite and crowd watching capabilities (not that it’s possible), the Nytorget square seeps you further into the Södermalm culture, carelessly enjoying the afternoon sun.

Grandpa is a no brainer if you do nothing else with your day. Selling quirky drinking jars to Rock&Roll ‘Suicide’ face scrub, nothing in this store is ordinary. The now familiar relaxed vibe of the area inspires the homely interior, providing the background for the various stocked Swedish labels that provide you with everything from homeware to gadgets for the easy, local lifestyle. Well and truly within the arty kids playground you might be lucky enough to stumble into a pop-up gallery across the street, showcasing the latest doodles of the creative culture. And it would be rude to not indulge in the caramel sensations of Parlans Konfektyr, where you can watch the various bubbling pots create the artisanal sweets, boasting the traditional craftsmanship of a Swedish delicacy.

Everything about this place seems effortless: you’ll leave with a smile on your face, but it won’t be long before the ache to return sets in and you’ll find yourself slipping back into the skulk of the Södermalm crowd.

Monday, 14 April 2014


If you ever travel to Stockholm, you must, without a doubt, visit Papercut

Situated in Södermalm, this little store is an independent magazine haven. They stock a few mainstream titles, but the rest is a collection of beautifully crafted, graphic heavy masterpieces, which will not fail to seduce your creative imagination.  

It proved a fantastic source of inspiration for my current project for my final dissertation which is focusing on the travel industry. Cereal, Another Escape, Boat magazine were just a few of the stunning travel publications I fell upon, all providing inspiring layouts and image ideas. 

We spent at least an hour in the store trawling over every publication that caught our eye, photographing layouts and making notes, whilst the store owner sat there quietly humming to himself. This was obviously a regular occurrence, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest, as it's an addictive place. 

This was one of my personal favourites... 

If you're a slight publication fiend like myself, I would leave a good hour to let yourself explore this beautiful, visual sanctuary. And be sure to save some Krona, because without a doubt, you will want to invest in the mouthwatering creativity.